Project Details

Burlingame Reservoir & Pump Station

Install a new Pump Station Control House with associated electrical equipment and site improvements - remove existing wood retaining wall and install a new concrete retaining walls, provide new asphalt concrete pathways, remove existing pump control house and construct new Pump control house with concrete block walls on a concrete foundation and relocating, reconnecting and testing all the electrical, control and instrumentation equipment, and traffic control at Hillside Reservoir; constructing a new Concrete Wash Pad and enclosure walls; install new storm drain pipe and catch basins, installing a Wash Pad electrolier on a new concrete foundation, underground conduit and wire, light switch and connections at the Wastewater Treatment Plant; constructing a new concrete generator pad at Donnelly Pump Station.

Project Description

Job Name: Miscellaneous Reservoir and Pump Station Improvements
Owner: City of Burlingame
Location: Burlingame, CA
Prime Contractor: Minerva Construction, Inc